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Maven Dental Nambour – Advice for Young Adults

If you are a teenager or young adult, you need to protect your mouth and teeth by maintaining good oral health. Although regular brushing and flossing are important, the oral health of those in this age group is also often associated with risk factors such as diet, smoking and alcohol and mouth and tongue piercings.

Nambour DentistPiercing

Before you decide to get an oral piercing, always consider the effect it can have on your mouth. Possible risks of oral piercings (particularly tongue piercings) may include:

Nambour DentistInfection

Nambour DentistChipped or cracked teeth

Nambour DentistGum damage

Nambour DentistNerve damage (resulting in loss of sensation in the tongue)

Nambour DentistInterference with speaking and swallowing

Nambour DentistPotential blockage of airways due to excessive swelling

Nambour DentistExcessive drooling

Nambour DentistExcessive bleeding from the accidental piercing of a blood vessel or artery

Nambour DentistOngoing pain (neuralgia)

Nambour DentistHIV or hepatitis from the use of non-sterile equipment

Nambour DentistInternal damage which may be caused by accidentally swallowing loose jewelry

What you can do

Before you get your mouth pierced, it is wise to check with your doctor if you are pregnant, have allergies, heart disease, diabetes or a skin disorder.

If you want to get an oral piercing, get it done professionally and seek after care advice from your piercer. In particular, request information and evidence of their sterilising processes. Do not pierce yourself or get a friend to do it.

Immediately after a piercing

Nambour DentistMinimise swelling by consuming cold, icy drinks and sleeping with your head slightly elevated during the initial healing process.

Nambour DentistRinse your mouth with anti-bacterial mouthwash regularly – especially after eating (preferably use non-alcohol based mouth washes).

Nambour DentistAvoid smoking and do not drink alcohol or eat spicy foods until the piercing site is fully healed.

Nambour DentistDo not pick, tug or put unclean hands near the piercing.

Nambour DentistIf pain and swelling continues after several days, or if you have severe redness, bleeding, pain or pus around your piercing, visit your doctor or oral health professional immediately.
Once your piercing has healed

Nambour DentistTry to keep your tongue away from your teeth and gums to minimise damage.

Nambour DentistAsk your piercer for jewellery alternatives which are less damaging to your teeth and gums (e.g. bioplast rather than stainless steel).

Nambour DentistTighten the ball ends of your jewellery with clean hands regularly to minimise the risk of accidental digestion.

Nambour DentistMaintain good oral health by brushing twice per day (including the tongue area around the piercing).

If you notice any damage to your gums or teeth or experience any pain, visit your oral health professional.

Nambour DentistSmoking, Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

The effects of smoking , alcohol and recreational drugs on the mouth include:

Nambour DentistOral cancer and other mouth skin diseases

Nambour DentistTooth staining

Nambour DentistBad breath

Nambour DentistDry mouth

Nambour DentistSensitivity

Nambour DentistTooth loss

Nambour DentistTooth decay

Nambour DentistCracked and broken teeth

What you can do to minimise damage

The effects of smoking , alcohol and recreational drugs on the mouth include:

Nambour DentistQuit smoking , or reduce the amount of alcohol and cigarettes you smoke each day.

Nambour DentistBrush your teeth at least twice a day using fluoridated toothpaste.

Nambour DentistLimit sweet foods to meal times.

Nambour DentistChoose tap water rather than sweet drinks.

Nambour DentistRinse your mouth with water after taking any sweet tasting medicine or drug replacement therapy such as methadone.

Nambour DentistChew sugar-free gum.

Nambour DentistImmediately seek oral health advice if you have sores in your mouth that do not heal, or red or white patches on your lips or tongue.

Nambour DentistUse Recaldent or tooth mousse to protect your teeth if recommended by your oral health professional.

Nambour DentistIf you vomit, rinse your mouth with water. If possible, rub some toothpaste on your teeth with a finger. Do not use a toothbrush until at least 30 minutes after vomiting.

Nambour DentistOral cancers

Oral cancers include cancers of the lip, tongue, gums, floor of mouth and other parts of the mouth and throat. The use of tobacco and heavy consumption of alcohol are major risk factors for oral cancers, while sun exposure is an additional risk factor for cancers of the lip. You can reduce these risks by:

Nambour DentistQuitting smoking

Nambour DentistLimiting your alcohol intake

Nambour DentistProtecting your face from the sun

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