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Dental Partners T/A Nambour Family Dental


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87 Blackall Terrace
Nambour 4560
Phone: 07 5441 3583


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PO BOX- 2558
Nambour West, QLD- 4560
Fax : 07 5441 2075
General and Preventative Dentistry

General and Preventative Dentistry mean general dental maintenance, the ongoing care and treatment required to maintain your Oral Health.

Although many come to the dentist thinking that we can manage their oral health, the majority of the work needs to be done at home. In particular, the maintenance of one’s oral health does not solely come down to ‘do I brush my teeth?’, but comes down to ensuring that all our oral tissues are cared for.


Often a visit to the dentist means fillings.

Nambour Dentist

Amalgum Fillings are the silvery looking fillings that have been popular in the past. We find that these are generally stronger and last longer. Composite resin fillings, also known as white fillings, are also available and can be used where aesthetics are important..

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