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Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Nambour family Dental provides a range of procedures to get your smile looking even brighter. these are Crowns and Bridges, Whitening, and Facings and Veneers.

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Crowns and Bridges: Crown and Bridge work can be conducted for purely cosmetic reasons as well as reconstructive work. Click Here for more on Crowns and Bridges.

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Whitening: Tooth Whitening also known as bleaching is a process lightening the colour of teeth that have not responded well to professional cleaning. The general process involves the application of a bleaching agent onto the tooth surface. Most bleaching agents are comprised of a Hydrogen Peroxide formula and the strengths of the bleaching agents can vary.

At Maven Dental Nambour (formerly Nambour Family Dental), we provide a “Take Home Whitening Kit”. This supplies a set of custom made trays with tubes of the bleaching agent. At home you apply the bleaching agent into the tray and wear the trays for a specified amount of time. The process generally calls for a one hour application of the tray for 7-10 days though the patient is responsible for wearing the trays consistently throughout the treatment period.

Some advantages of whitening/bleaching are:

Nambour DentistBleaching is ideal for undamaged teeth that need lightening in colour. (As opposed to crowns, veneers or facings)

Nambour DentistCustom made trays can be used again at a later stage

Nambour DentistUpper and lower teeth can be treated at the same time from one procedure

Nambour DentistApproved tooth whitening products are safe to use

Some disadvantages of whitening/bleaching are:

Nambour DentistNot all teeth respond well to bleaching. For example, yellow, brown and orange stained teeth usually respond well to bleaching. However, grey stains may lighten a little, but results may not be as good.

Nambour DentistNot all teeth bleach evenly

Nambour DentistWhite composite restorations do not get affected by the bleaching process and may need to be replaced after the process in order to achieve a nice aesthetic result

Nambour DentistIf the bleaching agent has a prolonged contact with the gums it can lead to irritation and burning

Nambour DentistBleaching should be done in a controlled setting. Some store bought whitening systems can be very strong and can damage teeth over a long term period. We do not recommend such treatments.

Nambour DentistBleaching may not be suitable for people with; pre-existing sensitivity, cracked teeth, worn teeth, receding gums or periodontal disease.

If you have ever wanted to whiten or even thought about whitening, it would be best to give us a call and organise a consultation.

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Facings and Veneers: Discoloured, crooked and uneven teeth can be corrected with porcelain veneers, also known as facings.We offer the following advice:

Some Advantages of Facings:

Nambour DentistEasy to fit

Nambour DentistBeautiful results that are achieved immediately

Some Disadvantages of Facings:

Nambour DentistCan be damaged by excessive strain or grinding of the teeth.

Nambour DentistNot suitable for sensitive teeth.

Nambour DentistProper dental care and dental hygiene is still important.

Nambour DentistRegular dental check-ups are still necessary.

Nambour DentistExpensive compared to a crown which is stronger and lasts longer.



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Nambour Dentist

It is important to check with us as you consider any form of cosmetic dental work. There may be specific considerations that need to be taken in regards to your teeth.

Please contact us to arrange a consultation where we can advise as to the most cost effective and appropriate dental procedures for you.

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